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1976 MG Midget Renovation



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Status of Renovation

Fall 2005

10/28/05: In the 2 weeks since the project has started, the following has been completed

  • All hoses replaced, V-Belt replaced, radiator tested and it has no leaks.
  • New battery with cables and shut-off switch installed.
  • Distibutor, ignition coil, spark plugs & wires replaced
  • Valve cover and coolant tank painted.  Chrome ignition coil cover installed.
  • Interior gutted, old top removed.
  • All trim, lights, emblems, wiper arms, bumpers removed.
  • Oil changed, new oil filter installed.
  Project off to good start. In the next week or two, hope to have new Weber downdraft carb installed with Pace Setter Header.  Also, hope  to have Crane Electronic ignition installed.  Bye for now
    Over the weekend, the starter was removed,  tested and replaced.  Also, replaced was the fuel pump.  A Weber DGV (carberator upgrade) conversion was completed and Pace Setter header installed.  These 2 upgrade should increase hosepower by 30 to 50 horses.  The ignition was hooked up.  Tried to start enigine for the 1st time.  Good news is the engine is cranking but so far has not fired.  Next weekend, I hope to isolate the problem.  That's the way it stands

    Today we put on fuel lines, vacuum hoses, and coolant hoses.  Found out the ignition selenoid was bad but no replacement was available in Michigan but found that one from Ford was similar enough.  Modify the connections and it worked.  Still, the engine would not fire. After several hours of testing, determined that the ignition coil was bad.  Will have to contact Moss Motors for replacement of the defective one that they sent,  In the mean time, a rear brake kit was ordered from Victoria British.   Aslo, replaced thermostat.  During the replacement, one of the studs snapped and would not come out.  So, the stud was cut level with service, drilled, and tapped for a new bolt.  This worked nicely!  At this time, we are waiting on parts.   Decided to call the car Murphy today after Murphy's law. Oh well.
   Well folks, there's no joy in the garage right now.  After getting a new coils and new wire, the car still has not fired up yet.  Power is going thru the ignition coil but no spark is coming out of coil.  Trying to figure it out and have emailed a few tech experts from AMGBA and checking with LAMGA to see if we have an in-house expert.  If anyone out there has any ideas, please send me an email. In the mean time, we have started doing the brakes and continue to strip interior in anticipation of getting the car painted in February.  All for now.  SEE YA!
    Hello everyone and sorry for the time between updated but we have been busy!  The brakes are finished.  With the help of the Lansing Area MG Association, a distributor was installed and points set.  Since the orignal wiring needs work, we hooked up couple jumper wires , put starter fluid in carb, and started the car.  It ran for thr first time in 5 years.  the compression checks out.  One problem we ran into was the previous owner used a 1978 fuel pump set up which is mot compatible on a 1976 model.  the process to fix this nas begun so we can get a steady supply of fuel to the engine.  Also, we are in the process of fixing the wiring, choke, and other misc. issues that wil pop up.  The car is scheduled for the paint/ body shop in February, so the prep for that continues as well.  The work is taking a brake for the holidays, so:
Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!


Winter 2006

1/7/2006   Well everyone, a new year is here and here's the latest.  The brakes are finally done.  The final piece was replacing the brake pressure switch and bleeding the brakes.  I also added a dressy valve cover.  I picked up the new rims and will mount 175/70/13 tires.  The  interior was rustproofed.  Also, the windshield was removed.
  An ongoing problem still is the car will not shut off once it's started.  This is still occuring even after installing a new ignition assembly. A temporary solution is we installed a switch between the neg post of the distributor and the distributor.    Any ideas, please email me.  The car  goes to paint & body on January 23. Meanwhile, the electrical repairs continues.  Later!
1/25/2006  Well folks, here's the latest.  I found I had cross wires on the ignition selenoid so that should solve that problem and still working on the carb.  Also, my brake master cylinder sprung a leak.  So, I removed it and see if it can be rebuilt.  The car went to paint & body -Classic Auto Body Restoration Service- on 1/23/06 and will there for about 2 weeks.  In the mean time, I'm off to New Orleans to help with the cleanup.  Till later, Ciao!
2/26/2006  Hello again.  I made back from New Orleans and it was an amazing experience.  I recommend to everyone that can help out, do!  You will not be sorry!
    The car was picked up from the paint shop & Classic Auto Body did an outstanding job.  The body is in mint condition the pait job looks really sharp.  Picture will be posted shortly.   Well, I'm taking a few weeks off to get caught up on my honey do list and will be back at it soon.  Peace to all!

Spring 2006

4/17/06 : Happy Tax Day everyone.  Sorry for the delay in updating, but I have had a long honey do list and too much work at the job.  Well since the last update, the interior is moving near completion.  New tires purchased and put on the new rims.  Also, the bumpers has been redone and the lights arestarting to be reinstalled.  Had a problem with seats.  The originals were shot. I tried APC Sport Seats but they were too wide by a few inches.  [They are for sale on lansing craig's list if your interested in a good deal.]  Well, I went with the 1994 seats out of a Mazda Miata which have speakers in the headrest.  Working on a plan for mounting.  Also, I had lost the push rod to the brake master cylinder.  Moss not Victoria British has a replacement but Brooks Auto actually had one in stock.  Rebuilding of the master continues.  Well, that's all for now.  Hoping for the first drive in June.  Happy Motoring!


5/12/2006:  Here's the latest update.  After rebuilding the mastercylinder, it still did not work.  Bought a new one and now it works perfectly.  Also, the ignition problem has been solved.  The car will now shut off with a turn of the key.  New seatbelts installed, new trunkseal installed, luggage rack reinstalled, new windshield ordered, and seat installation started. Also, thanks to the mechanical brains of Fred Davis, the carb is now adjusted.  Timing does need to be advanced about 1 degree forward.  We are on track for our completion deadline of July 8, 2006 for our 1st car show.  That's all for now.  Happy Motoring!


JUNE 16, 2006     Well folks, we are in the home stretch.  Windshield is installed. the electrical is completed, a new choke installed and the top frame is in place.  The new top was supposed to have been done by now but the people at AA Best Co w/ Acme Inc sent the wrong size top.  New should be here late next week.  New wipers are on order because no one has 9inch blades locally.  Have take the car on a few test drives and the handling is a little squirelly.  It looks like the front driver side wheel needs the toe adjusted.  Will get pictures up once the car is fully completed.  Safety Fast!



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